Hello, 2016! Don’t you just love the start of a new year? A fresh start, a clean slate, and motivation to be your best self. Are you upholding your New Year’s resolutions?

Two of the most popular resolutions each year are to get healthy and improve finances. So what happens when getting fit gets expensive? With an initiation fee and monthly dues, gym memberships can get pricey, but money shouldn’t hold you back from crushing your goals. DIY is here to give you some alternative, low-cost ways to achieve your fitness goals for 2016!


Running & Walking

Going for a jog or walk is always great exercise. In the winter however, the weather gets colder and it gets dark outside earlier. If you’re an early riser, go for a walk or jog before work when the sun is up. If you’re more of an evening exerciser, find a buddy to jog or walk with and get some inexpensive visibility gear. If morning and night are not your cup of tea, try to fit in some exercise while you’re at work. Take quick breaks throughout the day and walk around the building, up and down the stairs, or grab a coworker and walk to a close-by lunch spot.


Community Rec Centers

Check to see if there are any recreation centers in your area. They usually offer cheap membership plans, or even free memberships to local residents. Community rec centers offer several of the same amenities as a gym such as exercise equipment, indoor and outdoor courts, and swimming pools, at a much lower cost.


Exercise Apps & Videos

As technology advances every year, it continues to replace many services – including the gym. There are several free and low-cost apps that give you a great, if not better, workout than you’d get at the gym. There are also exercise programs like Daily Burn that allow you to stream workouts created by elite trainers for just $12.95/month, which is much cheaper than the average gym membership.



Gather home exercise equipment and make a DIY home gym. You can find discounted equipment like exercise bikes and weights at Goodwill or online sites like Amazon or eBay. Purchase small and moveable equipment that you can store in a closet when they’re not in use. Start buying items here and there when you see a good deal and you’ll have a sizeable collection in just a few months!


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