As we get older, knowing what gifts to buy for our family gets harder and harder. Many of us like surprises, but sometimes it’s just easier to lay it all out in the open. So this year, make a wish list online and encourage your family to do the same.  Your lists link to exactly what you’re “wishing” for and gives your family access anytime, anywhere. Not only do wish lists help you give and get the right present, but they can also help you budget. Shop stress-free online through the app or website and skip the lines. Below is a list of our favorite wish list apps!


Amazon is probably the most popular outlet for wish lists. It’s easy to navigate, find family members’ wish lists, and share yours. You can also make a list of gifts that you want to buy for others and mark it as private so no one can peek. Amazon even has a Wish List Browser Button that you can place in your bookmarks bar, allowing you to add items from other websites to your wish list.


Wishlistr is neat because you can have a theme for each list and choose a decorated template. Sharing is also very easy, and you can even share your list on your blog. Wishlistr allows you to explore popular items that are added in the community and among your friends, which can spark ideas for items you want.

List Ideas

List Ideas lets you view recently added items and popular items from other users’ lists. It also separates the items into age groups like “under 16” and “25-34” and you can tag your items with things like “fashion” or “home.” List Ideas has a “most popular tags” section so you can click on categories that interest you and view popular items associated with that tag. 


Gifster is unique in that it allows you to create a group, similar to a small private social network, that connects your family and close friends. Each item has a ranking of 1-5 stars which shows your family and friends how much you want that gift. Giftster also allows you to search for the gift by linking right to


Featured in The New York Times and on Good Morning America, CheckedTwice is another great wish list app that’s laid out like a Pinterest board. My favorite part of this app is the surprise gift feature. You can add ideas for surprise gifts that will only be seen by other members in the family but not by the recipient - keeping the element of surprise in gift-giving!

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