Being Single on Valentine’s Day can be liberating! It can be a celebration and more importantly a lot of fun.


Here’s our quick guide to making Valentine’s Day AWESOME if you’re single:


1. Take Advantage of Deals

Seriously, there are a TON of stores and retailers who try to take advantage of the commercial holiday. So why not use that to your benefit? Department stores, jewelry stores, and household stores offer discounts on products you may already be eyeing – especially if they’re under $100. You can shop online for these deals all day long too. Sites like Amazon have specific sections set up for gifts and deals related to Valentine’s Day.


2. Do Something YOU Love

Because life takes over, there are certain things I love doing that-- for one reason or another--I haven’t been able to do for a while. One of these things are going to the movies… in the theater. Now, while an expedition to the movies is not a cheap endeavor, indulging one day I feel like is acceptable. Not everyone loves the theater experience; so for you, consider doing something you enjoy and miss doing. Reading a book cover-to-cover, visiting a favorite museum, dining at a favorite restaurant you haven’t visited recently, it should be something that YOU love doing – carve out the time and do it.


3. Spend Time with People You Love

The funny thing about Valentine’s Day is that there are no strict rules about who your date is. So make a party of it – invite your closest friends or family, and have a celebration together. If you go out for drinks or dinner, make sure you either call ahead or leave early due to the increase in business for the evening.


4. Rest & Relax

Remember in Kindergarten when you had nap time? Neither do I, but I wish I did. With the hustle and bustle of life, I never have the chance to rest and recover like I should. So consider taking a day and devote it just to that – unwinding and relaxation. Many massage or spas will be offering discounts for massages, buy one and use it for yourself. Even better, take a friend! Consider doing whatever calms you down, or allows you to unwind. I mean, we all need it, right?


5. Meet Someone New

Did you think we were going to go through this list without mentioning it? Just because you don’t have a Valentine at the start of the day doesn’t mean you may not by the end. As the world of online dating and social match making grow by the day, check your area for meet-ups and singles mixers. They’re fun, and if you’re shy – bring a friend.

This is a celebration of you. After all, you love yourself too! The things you can do may amaze you, but you may just need a little help. Well here’s the good news: the DIY Tax Blog has relevant and helpful resources throughout the year, tailored to you. So if you like this article, hit the share buttons to send it to your social network. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get more articles like this posted directly to your timeline or newsfeed!