Are you thinking about doing your own taxes? Consider the following questions to decide if DIY tax preparation makes sense for you.

  • Is your tax situation simple?
  • Are you technology-savvy?
  • Are you good at following directions?
  • Are you confident in your ability to file without error?


If you answered yes to these questions, online tax filing may be a great option this tax season. Check out these six benefits:


Define Your Destiny

Who knows your financial situation better than you? When you e-file your taxes, you’re responsible from beginning to end so you’re likely to give it all you’ve got. Since you control your outcome, you’ll get the satisfaction when you click “Submit” of knowing you did it yourself!  

Improve Your Knowledge

DIY e-filing is a great way to improve your understanding of not only general tax knowledge, but your own financial situation too. By getting a close look into your finances, you’ll recognize how your year-round decisions impact your tax return.

You Pay Less (Or in our case, nothing!)

Hiring a tax professional can get expensive, so online tax preparation is a less expensive option. DIY Tax, for example, is 100% FREE to use. That’s right - you don’t pay a single penny for filing with our tax software.

Totally Easy

Tax preparation software makes it simple to e-file taxes. Follow along with the directions on screen and answer each question from beginning to end. With DIY Tax, free online chat is available to offer tax help. So if you get stuck on a deduction or healthcare question, chat us up!

Accurate Filing  

The calculations are done for you when you file using a tax preparation software. If you follow the steps on screen, you should have no problem completing an accurate tax return. Plus, you have the freedom to file at your own pace and schedule.

X-tremely Fast!

If the IRS owes you a refund once you’ve e-filed, you can opt to receive your refund as a direct deposit in two weeks or less. Once deposited, you can start spending (or saving) that money right away.


What do you prefer - in-person tax prep or online filing? Let us know in the comments. If you’ve decided on DIY tax preparation this year, get started here. Stay in the know by following us on Facebook and Twitter.