Are April showers putting a damper on your family fun? If your kids are sitting inside binge-watching Netflix, glued to their iPad, or terrorizing playing with the family pet, we have seven DIY rainy day activities you can do instead. Not only are these ideas fun for the whole family, but they won’t break the bank either!

  • Write letters. Writing letters or hand-crafting cards for out of town family and friends is a nearly free indoor activity. Plus your loved ones will appreciate hearing from you and the kids, “just because.” Consider teaching your kids about giving back to the community, by making cards for a local retirement or assisted living facility.
  • Play games. Family-friendly games are go-to ways to spend time with your kids and have some fun together. If you’ve played out your collection of board games, don’t forget about classic free games like “I Spy,” “Follow the Leader,” “Red Light Green Light,” and “Simon Says.”
  • Build a fort. You’d be surprised by how many supplies you already have lying around the house to build an epic fort. Sheets, chip clips, bungee cords, and flashlights are really all you need for some old-fashion fort fun.
  • Play dress up. Find your Halloween costume stash or dig out old clothes you’ve been meaning to donate, and play dress up with your kids. Once the fun is done, you can donate the outfits to your local thrift store, and claim a charitable deduction on your taxes.
  • Create a treasure hunt. A treasure hunt can brighten up any rainy day. Write down clues that lead to other clues, and then to the treasure – an item you know your kids are sure to love. Clues and treasure can be anything you want so have some fun and get creative!
  • Bake or cook together. It’s never too early to start teaching cooking and baking skills to your children. Turn on some music and make it fun. Let them pour, stir and mix up an entire recipe with your help. Be patient and don’t be afraid to get messy!

Do you have a babysitter? Share these rainy day activities with him or her, so they can give them a try too. At tax time, you may qualify for Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit if you or your spouse need care for children 12 and under while you work or look for work. The dollar limit on expenses you can use to calculate the credit is $3,000 for one child or $6,000 for two or more children.

You really can’t go wrong when spending quality time with your kids.What are your family’s favorite rainy day activities? Share them with us in the comments and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more DIY tips!