Most of us spend about 40 hours a week at work – that’s a big chunk of our time! Your workspace defines who you are and it should be an area that makes you feel comfortable and somewhat at home. Environment is important to productivity and if you’re spending most of the day at your desk, then it should be an area that you enjoy. Whether you have a cube or an office, we’ve got some easy and inexpensive decorating ideas to help you cozy-up that workspace of yours and make it your own!


Start with a base

Rugs are an easy way to add some flare to any space, no matter how big or small. Solid or print, whichever you prefer, will do the trick of introducing some color to your work area. 


Light it up

Those overhead fluorescent office lights can really kill the mood, and in large offices it can be difficult to get a lot of natural light. Adding a lamp to your workspace creates warmth and helps make work feel a little more like home. 


Set the mood

In a busy office, it may be necessary to drown out all of the noise. Headphones usually do the trick, but a sound machine or small desk fan can also help. This inexpensive sound machine is a best seller, and has several sound options like ocean waves or white noise that can help produce a relaxing work environment. 


Add some life

Put some color and life into your cube or office with a plant or two. If you decide to get a real plant, choose one that’s easy to care for and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, like these small plants for your desk.  If you have a hard time taking care of plants, artificial ones will serve the same purpose and may even be a little cheaper. 


Pin-up pictures

Give your workspace a personal touch by adding photos of family, friends, and pets. Also, give your space some personality by adding pictures of places you want to travel, favorite sports team, and inspirational quotes. For small spaces, get some twine, a few cute clothespins, and make yourself a DIY picture clothesline.  


Add the finishing touches

Pull the space together by adding decorative office supplies like printed file folders, colorful book ends, your favorite mug and a cute calendar. Bring in a cozy blanket from home to keep on the back of your chair for colder days. With these finishing touches, you’ll want to spend every day in your workspace!


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