The fun part of an income tax refund is getting a little spending cash to splurge on the things you wouldn’t normally buy. Maybe you could surprise your sweetie with that latest electronic gadget. Maybe it’s time for a wardrobe refresh or a night on the town. No matter what you spend your income tax refund on, there is one thing you know you won’t have to use it for, tax prep! Below are a few ideas for fun.


A Fancy Restaurant

You know the kind: tablecloths, no blaring t.v.’s in the corner, no waiters singing an off-key happy birthday to the giggly teenagers at the next booth. If you’re a foodie or just like to try new things, your income tax refund tradition could become trying a swanky new restaurant.


The Electronics Store

You work hard. You deserve to have the latest i-whatever or gaming system. You can host game night! Oh, and make sure to have your mom call you in the middle of the evening so you can pull out your new gadget and make all your friends just a bit jealous.


Your Bank

You have to admit it feels good having a little green in the bank. Whether you’re saving for the perfect vacation, a new car, an emergency fund, or just for the sake of saving, having it in the bank and earning interest is never a bad move.


Sports League

Spring intramurals are coming up. Use your income tax refund to get your registration and uniform all squared away and you won’t have to worry where the money to cover it is coming from later. The exercise will be great, and the celebrating after a big win will be epic!


The Craft Store

Ever wanted to learn to knit or paint with watercolors? Have you been dreaming of learning flower arranging or cake decorating? Would you ever consider building a robot? No matter what your artistic ambition you can get on your way at the craft store. A lot of them offer classes to boot. Use your income tax refund to sign up and let that creativity flow. Spend a few hours doing what you love to do!


Pet Store

Time to spoil Scruffy, or is it Cuddles, or Pickles? Whatever your pet’s name, they are you’re true BFF. They are always the first to greet you when you come home and the last to hop (or get shoved-lovingly) off your lap when it’s time to head to bed. Cash that income tax refund, head out to the pet store and go nuts getting them new treats and accessories.


Online Travel Sites

Do you visit the same travel site night after night (or lunch break after lunch break). Do you fill up you cart with the perfect vacation every night then close your laptop again and again? Yeah, that’s fantasy booking. We’ve all been there. Hit “Buy” this time and have an umbrella drink to celebrate. You can.


The Outlet Mall

The saving combined with the extra boost to your wallet from your income tax refund can allow you to confidently put that extra pair of shoes up on the checkout counter.

Anyway you spend it or save it, income tax refund time is awesome! It is especially satisfying when you don’t have to spend a dime of it on tax prep. Celebrate your refund like it’s a new holiday!