Nothing is more inspiring and conducive to productivity than a cozy, well-organized home office with just a touch of “homemade.” Check out some of these pins from Pinterest for a little inspiration. 

1. Get organized. 

Searching for the tape for 20 minutes is the opposite of productive. Keep your at-home business running smoothly with a homemade command center. Check this out!


Get Organized

Click the pictures to find out how you can do this in your home.

2. Find a view.
There’s a reason that cats love window seats. Nature is full of inspiration. If you have a window in your home office, position yourself where you can see out.  If you can’t make that work or will find yourself too distracted, make time in your scheduled to glance out of a nearby window every now and then. No window? Stretch your legs and visit the great outdoors periodically. Nothing dramatic, just a trip to the mailbox will do.  Smell the air, listen to the birds, reset for the next few hours.


3. Be Inspired.
Whether it’s a picture of your girlfriend, your college degree, your first earned dollar in a frame  or your kids homemade artwork, keep something personal and inspiring nearby.  These pictures may connect you with your own personal industry and creativity. 


4. Make it a Family Space
I know most of us want our office to be our own personal oasis, but if space is a challenge, plan your family’s office around a central workstation. You may have to share, but you can keep an eye on what your kids are doing online and be on hand for homework questions. Everyone can have their own storage area and the home business can have its own desk/filing area that is off-limits to little fingers.


5. Add an Element for Movement.
Add a yoga ball or a bungee cord and try these tricks to keep those tapping toes satisfied. Even the most calm person needs to get some wiggles out after several hours at the desk.  This easy DIY will keep you moving so you don’t disrupt your workflow. You’re at-home business will thank you.


6. Hide Your Cords.
Jumbles of cords are ugly and dangerous. Cords stretched and draped across the room  are tripping hazards and overloaded sockets are a fire hazard. Keep safe and be stylish. Check out these creative and inexpensive DIY ways to hide them. 


7. Two words- Chalkboard Wall!

You’ll have a place to jot down notes, make your task list, and even take down the Starbucks orders.


Enjoy your workspace and enjoy your work. Take a weekend and a few bucks from your tax refund and spruce up your at-home business office.  Make your home office a space you’ll never want to leave.