When it comes to Halloween costumes, we like to follow our “3 C” rule – creative, comfortable, and cheap. Let me explain - your costume needs to be one-of-a-kind while also allowing you to move freely, and meet these requirements within a practical spending limit. Whether you're attending a Halloween party, competing in the office costume contest or doing some good ole’ fashioned trick-or-treating, our rule applies to everyone! If you’re having doubts, we’re here to show you it’s possible. And, it’s easier than you think. We’ve provided a guide with the 3 Cs so you can have the best Halloween costume ever.


1. Creative

Superheroes and vampires are overdone and outdated - it’s time to brainstorm something new. We know it’s not easy to come up with a unique costume so here are some tricks. Think of costumes year-round, not just in the coming weeks before Halloween. Some of our best ideas come to us at the most random times, so writing down an idea in June could help you come October. Watch old movies and TV shows. Characters from your childhood can make great costumes and will be appreciated by your peers. If you’re stuck, go online and use sites like Pinterest to spark some inspiration. And, if you’re set on a costume that has been done before, then make sure you do it better and add your own twist.

2. Comfortable

What will the weather be like? How long will you be wearing your costume, and where? These are important questions to ask yourself when deciding on your costume. Pay attention to the weather and if it’s turning into a chilly October, then consider adding warmer clothes to your outfit. If you plan on walking a lot, be practical about your shoe choice. Comfort is also important if you plan on wearing your costume to work. You don’t want your costume to get in the way of your productivity.

3. Cheap

Here’s a fact that’ll spook you - according to the National Retail Foundation, those celebrating Halloween this year plan to spend an average of $27.33 on costumes for the family, totaling an average of $2.5 billion. Don’t let the cost of your costume put you in a coffin! Here’s a few money saving tips:

  • Plan ahead.  Be on the lookout for costume supplies year-round. It not only gives you enough time to find low-priced getup, but also the advantage over other shoppers who might be looking for the same item. Competition will exist the closer it gets to Halloween. Also, we tend to spend more when it comes down to the wire and time’s running out to find those costume essentials. 
  • Save your costumes each year. You never know what accessories could be used again next year. A trench coat you wore to dress as Dr. Who could be dyed purple for a Willy Wonka costume.
  • Search your local thrift stores. Goodwill and Salvation Army are the real costume retailers. At secondhand stores you can find clothes from different decades, funky accessories, and even gently worn store-bought costumes! Browsing a thrift store can also trigger costume ideas, helping you to be even more creative while saving money too.  


What are you being for Halloween this year? Share your creative costume with us in the comments below! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the DIY Tax blog.