Our military servicemembers and veterans deserve honor and respect. Here’s what happens when that meets DIY.


As Memorial Day approaches, it’s important to remember what the day is about. Our military servicemembers and veterans provide the freedoms and liberties we all love and enjoy each day. It’s also important to understand the impact their time serving has on their family as well.


Whether it’s saying thank you, or taking a moment to remember those who have fallen for us, keep in mind there are families who will spend Memorial Day without a loved one who may be serving overseas or away from home. With this in mind, we felt like dedicating a post to those families, with some inspiration for ways to show their love and memorialize the sacrifice their family has given.

American Flag Mason Jar Vases

These vases are simple, and with spring flowers in bloom, make a perfect addition to a room or bookshelf – especially if you have memorabilia or keepsakes from your service member.

Patriot Log Candle Holder

What’s relevant about this DIY is that some families create a tradition to count down deployments. Use the candles to count down the months of your loved one’s return from deployment while making a patriotic statement.


ACU/Uniform Fatigues Quilt

If your service member has recently transitioned to civilian life, use their old ACUs or fatigues to create a quilt. The keepsake can be passed down to family members, and honor the time that your service member gave.


ACU/Uniform Fatigues Wreath

If you aren’t a quilter, consider using old ACUs or fatigues to create a wreath to show your support to the neighborhood.


Service Shadow Box

One of the most common projects to honor service members is collecting medals, ribbons, name tags, service stripes, bars, or other keepsakes to create a show piece that will honor your service member or veteran.

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