Did you know that November 22-28 is national game and puzzle week? How cool is that? Since this awesome, week-long holiday also shares a week with Thanksgiving, why not host a family game night? Sounds fun, right? Ok, enough with the 20 questions, I’m just trying to get you as excited as we are! This will be your one-stop-shop for game night ideas, so look no further. We’ve also considered that budgeting is a must with the holidays right around the corner.

You probably have the age-old classic board games like Monopoly and Life stashed in the closet, so our list contains some newer games to give a try. Here are some family game ideas all under $25.


Rollick!, $19.99

Rollick! takes charades to a whole new level. Instead of one person acting out the clues, everyone on the team acts them out while one person tries to guess as many words on the card before time runs out. Watching five people act out the same thing is a riot. Have your camera ready, because this night will be unforgettable.


Tapple, $13.19

Tapple is a fast-paced word game for the whole family. After choosing a category such as “Things at a Party,” each player takes turns naming a word associated with that category. With each answer, tap the first letter of the word on the Tapple wheel – but be careful, there is a timer and as each letter gets tapped out, words are harder to think of!


Cards Against Humanity, $25

This is a party game for adults only, and should only be played if your family has a raw sense of humor! Similar to Apples to Apples, a black card is placed on the table that either contains a question or a fill-in-the-blank statement. Each player has 10 cards and plays their funniest card. Then the judge, or “Card Czar” of that round chooses what they believe to be the best answer. This game is hysterical and will always leave you wanting more.


Loaded Questions (New 2015 Edition), $22.15

This “guess who said what” game is great for families of all ages. Pick a card and read the question that matches the colored space you’re on. Everyone writes down their answer and the person to the right of the guesser reads it out loud. Try to guess who said what and move a space for each correct answer. Loaded Questions is full of laughs and you’ll be surprised by who said what.


Scavenger Hunt, $0-25 (spending money is optional)

If you want to get out of the house and try something other than board games, create a scavenger hunt! Split the family in to two teams and come up with a list of activities to do, items to collect, and pictures to take in your local community. The first team to complete everything on the scavenger hunt and return to home base wins! Each team just needs a camera, a car, and some creativity!


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