How do you get motivated after winter? After all the snow, cold weather, and being cooped up for weeks on end, the spring brings a new chance to get started accomplishing you goals for the year.

Motivation tips and advice sources are a dime-a-dozen. Whether you’re a fan of hipster’ish Instagram photos featuring hand drawn quotes and beautiful scenes, follow certain motivation-preaching users on Twitter, or frequent the countless blogs or websites that provide an endless feed of it, becoming and acting on motivation is a skill that can be practiced or honed.

Now, with anything you want to do or be motivated to do, you must first find inspiration. Create a Pinterest board for your ideas – it’s every DIY’ers go-to tool for inspiration. Find ideas that inspire you, or perfect examples of what you want your project or goal to look like. Once you’ve created your board, reference it daily. Remembering what you want your end goal to be is key in completing the steps along the way.

There are a few ways to reinforce your motivation that you will make sure you’re successful in acting on your plans. Whether you’re trying to be healthy, following through with a New Year’s resolution, or just applying your will to a regular, everyday task, staying motivated to complete the tasks or parts of your goal can be difficult. Here are some helpful tips to keep you motivated:

Create Short-Term Goals

One of the easiest ways to become more motivated is to set short-term goals. By short term, we mean it. These should be daily and weekly goals you can accomplish with the goal of gaining confidence as you complete more of them which indirectly drives your level of motivation for future goals. Here’s an example:

Bad Example

Eat three meals a day.

This goal is bad because it’s too generic and takes no effort.

Good Example

Eat three or more healthy meals a day, with no more than 2,000 calories total for the day.

This goal works because it has actionable, measureable components that you can build on long-term. It’s easy and simple because the amount of time it takes to accomplish the goal is just a day, and there’s only two real variable to track – the amount of meals and calories. But imagine how proud you would be if you had a streak of 21 days of accomplishing your goal!

Create Long-Term Goals

These goals work best when you use short-term goals to help achieve them. Long-term goals should give you the feeling of empowerment, and should give you a sense of true accomplishment. They should also mean a greater reward at the end of the journey. Whether it be decluttering, finishing a list of projects, losing weight, etc. – incorporating smaller, more manageable short-term goals into a longer-term, more meaningful goal will often lead to the highest level of success. As you begin to succeed more at the smaller goals, you find your level of motivation increasing as well to finish the long-term goal. From there, you’ll realize you can accomplish more things then you originally thought.

This is Tony Robbins stuff here.


The last piece for success with motivation is repetition. Whatever you find that works for you, keep doing it. We’re creatures of habit, and often will find the most success with repeating what works. There will be times when you need to change your approach based on what your goal is – if I’m trying to finish a room redesign, I’ll obviously approach it differently than trying to lose 20 pounds. But I’ll still create smaller goals for both, since my longer-term goals are the room redesign or losing weight. The key is I’ll do the same core mechanics for both.


So what say you? How do you not only get motivated, but stay motivated after the doldrums of winter?

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