Your brain is a powerhouse full of neural pathways to millions of file cabinets that contains billions of folders where your habits, memories, facts you’ve learned, and actions you know how to do are stored. As you expose yourself to more stimuli, the pathway to recalling some of the information in your brain becomes harder to distinguish from other recollection pathways. This can lead to the inconvenience of forgetfulness. 

Forgetting things from time to time can cause a small inconvenience—like that time you forgot to pick up milk from the grocery store for the dessert you’re supposed to bring to the potluck that begins in an hour. Larger inconveniences can cause bigger problems—like when you forgot the conversation that you and your significant other had about logistics for your afternoon plans, which results in your significant other arriving lunch without you. Speaking from experience, I have a few pointers than can help you with your memory.


1. Write things down and review what you’ve written down often. Draw things out. Recite them on a recording and play the recording back to yourself. Repetition combined with applications to different neural pathways will significantly improve the chances of committing something to memory—more than once!

2. Reinforce what you’ve written with reminders. Your smartphone can come in handy with this, but sticky notes work just fine too. Just make sure that you will find your reminders easily.

2. Get plenty of sleep. Committing items to memory isn’t just about actively focusing on the item, overall health and wellness plays a big part. We understand that sleep deprivation creates cognitive problems like irrational decision-making, moodiness, and forgetfulness. Cognitive studies link adequate sleep (at night and even with naps) can improve memory.

3. Eat your Omega-3’s. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish, nuts, and some beans.

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