It’s that time of year again, and love is in the air! If you want to give your significant other the perfect lovey-dovey gift for Valentine’s Day, consider making it yourself or pairing your store-bought gift with something handmade. Your sweetie will be so thankful for a personalized, homemade present – Plus, DIY gifts can cost you next to nothing to make!


Framed Love Map

Think back on your relationship. Is there a special place that you hold near and dear? Where you met for the first time, where you got married, where you shared your first home – or maybe even all three. Find a map at your local gas station or print one out online, cut a big heart shape around your city, and place it in a frame.


Date Night Cards

Creating date night cards lets you determine your own budget. Get 12 envelopes and plan out a special date night once a month for the next 12 months. Your date ideas can be as affordable as a picnic in the park or an at-home movie night. You decide what you’re willing to spend!


Sharpie Heart Mugs

Artistic or not, customizing your own mugs makes for an adorable, affordable DIY present. Draw your design or message on the mug of your choice with an oil-based paint Sharpie marker, pop it in the oven to bake, and your design becomes permanent. Just make sure you hand-wash your mugs instead of using the dishwasher.


“I Love You Because” Board

This one is super affordable and easy. Find a frame you love, and either handwrite or print “I Love You Because…” on paper, place it in the frame and voila! You have yourself a dry erase board that you can fill in with reasons you love each other, as often as you’d like.


Valentine’s Love Book

Making a DIY book may sound difficult, but this one really isn’t! All you need are index cards, photos, double sided tape, a hole punch, and ribbon or twine. Write your message on the left side of each card and adhere the picture to the right, then hole punch and bind together for a thoughtful little book of love.


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