If you’ve got a big family like I do, you know that store-bought holiday gifts can take a toll on your wallet. The more DIY homemade gifts you can fit into your budget and schedule, the better. Not to mention, they add an extra touch of thoughtfulness! Whether you’re adding personalization to a store-bought gift or crafting something up completely from scratch, you can hand make a heartfelt gift for anyone. Here are six DIY holiday gift ideas sure to spread the holiday spirit to your family:


For the Babies: Giant Growth Ruler

This DIY gift has taken Pinterest by storm because it’s an affordable and thoughtful way to start a tradition for the babies in your life. Instead of marking a doorframe, parents can track their children’s height on the growth ruler every year. Plus, it’s portable!  


  • 8” x 6’ Board
  • Wood Stain (optional)
  • Black Marker or Paint Pen
  • Ruler


For the Kids: Build-a-Fort Kit

Forts make easy DIY gifts for boys and girls, plus, who doesn’t love hanging out in a fort? Choose supplies that are unique to the child’s interests and make some awesome memories putting it together with them.  


  • 2 Sheets
  • Flashlight
  • Bungee Cords
  • Chip Clips or Large Clothes Pins
  • Pillow Case or Bag
  • Glow Sticks & Walkie Talkies (optional)


For the Teens: Chocolate Box of Money

We all know teenagers are hard to please and you never know what will be “in” this week and “out” the next. What never fails with them? Money. Life is like a box of (cash) chocolates, right?


  • Cash and change (amount of your choosing)
  • Box of Chocolates


For the Moms: DIY Lazy Susan

This is a simple DIY gift that costs under $20 to make and can be used as a centerpiece or serving stand. It’s a great holiday gift by itself or paired with other kitchen tools for the mom who loves to cook.


  • A Prefabricated Round Piece of Pine
  • Rotating Spice Holder
  • Stain or Paint
  • Bonding Glue


For the Dads: Giant Jenga

Most dads are boys at heart, so why not get him a fun game this year? This Giant Jenga tutorial requires some elbow grease, but it’s sure to be a hit for the holidays. Personalize your set by painting the boards the colors of your dad’s favorite sports team.


  • 2x4 Boards (cut into 48 10.5 inch pieces)
  • Sand Paper
  • Paint and Brush


For the Grandparents: Grandkids Picture Board

This one’s super simple and sentimental. Grandparents will love opening this gift and seeing photos of their grandkids on a personalized display, so get creative!


  • Wooden Board
  • Paint and Brush
  • Glue
  • “Grandkids” Vinyl or Paint Pen


Have any other DIY gift ideas? Share them in the comments below! We’ll continue posting awesome DIY ideas here on the blog. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter too.