Spring has sprung, and with the warm weather, we’re all spending more time outside.

If you’re anything like us, as soon as spring gets here, we’re outside. Playing sports, spending time with family, heck, even moving our fitness workouts outside – just to get a little extra Vitamin D! But there’s another important thing to remember about spring. As the weather heats up, and the weekend warriors come out to compete, we should keep in mind the Summer Olympics in Brazil arrive in 2016. This means many hopefuls have started training for the Olympic Trials, but here’s a few weekend warriors that may not make the cut this year:

Women’s Basketball

So. Close.

Men’s Soccer

Hey, he stopped it.


YAAAAAS. #NailedIt

Track & Field: Men’s High Jump

Almost made it.

Men’s Diving

If only he cleaned up the entry…

Men’s Boxing

Bob and weave, bob and weave.

Olympic Weight Lifting

That form though.

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