Pick a room each day, set your timer, and your whole place can be lemon fresh and squeaky clean before you know it with a few simple tricks.

Maybe you’ve been procrastinating or forgetting (like there may still be a box of tree ornaments in the corner). It’s important to start with the simplest room--for example, the guest room. Then, you can work up to the harder stuff. Clean a small bathroom next before moving on to the living room or bedroom. Tackle what seems manageable. Work up to your biggest challenge, then when you hit that kitchen or garage, you will have some successes behind you for a little motivation.

1. Gather your supplies

Have your vacuum and attachments, dusters, trash bags, and cleaners at the ready. That way, when you start you won’t get discouraged by having to run all over the house finding those things. A donation box is a good idea too if clutter seems to gather behind you. That can’t just be me.

2. Think Top to Bottom

You don’t want to polish your floor ‘til it gleams and then dust the ceiling fan. Unfortunately, you usually only learn that once it’s happened once or twice...or eight times. If it’s warm enough, pop open a window or two and let the breeze blow some of the stale winter air away while you do you work.

3. Spring Cleaning Top Down Order of Operations

  1. Ceiling fan, cobwebs
  2. Blinds, windows, curtains
  3. Furniture
  4. Trash
  5. Floors

By the time you get to the floors, you’ll sweep up all the dust and bits that have fallen down in addition to what was already there in one big swoop. Done and done.

If you love a good scent, pick up a favorite essential oil.  Just dot some here and there.  A good tip is to put a drop on a light bulb.  You can also add it to your vacuum cleaner.  A nice smelling room is the final touch.  Some of my favorites are lemon, lavender, rose and orange.  Pine, peppermint and grapefruit are great scents too.  The choices and combinations are nearly endless. 

After you are done, sit down and spend a little time in your fresh room.  Read a magazine, or listen to some music. Enjoy the work you’ve done! You have to admit, it is pretty relaxing to be in a room that doesn’t have little cleaning to-do’s everywhere you look.

4. Twenty Minutes Means Twenty Minutes

If you have done your time and the room is still far from finished, move on and do something else.  Don’t be stressed about it.  You can set your 20 minute timer again tomorrow.

Skeptical? Try it. You may just end up with a place so clean, you sign up to be next to host “wine and cheese night” or a Walking Dead marathon. Now, go get to your spring cleaning! Maybe I should too.

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