Tax day is here in all is glory. Okay, maybe more anxiety than glory – but fear not if you haven’t filed.


Have you filed yet? If not, you’re apart of about 20-25% of taxpayers who wait until the last minute to file. The reasons why may vary: a difficult tax situation, waiting for new or replacement forms, whatever the case may be, you have some options.


1. You can file today, for free, with DIY Tax. I mean, you’re already here, so why not? Just get it done.



2. You can file an extension today and file your return by October 15th.



3. Not do anything, and if you owe, pay the penalties (read: lots of money). If you don’t owe, then there may be no penalties, but why wait? File your return or an extension to be safe. But don’t forget, a tax extension doesn’t mean an extension on paying the IRS if you owe.



4. After you decide what to do, enjoy the Tax Day freebies and sales from corporate America and unwind.



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