If you’re thinking about starting a garden, but you're unsure about the cost, there could be some benefits of gardening that make the juice worth the squeeze. Get out your gardening gloves because starting a garden is one of the most rewarding and cost-effective hobbies around. It’s a hobby that can yield a healthy ROI and allow you and your family to work toward sustainability—on and off the grid.

Seeds are much cheaper than fruits and veggies.

Almost everything you need to start your garden is inexpensive.

  • Even the fanciest, organic, non-GMO, heirlooms seeds, average around .99 cents a bag.
  • Compost is free to make (and good for the environment).
  • Starter pots can be made from cans, egg cartons and all sorts of recyclables.

Organic gardening is cheaper than organic produce shopping.

It’s the opposite with gardening than it is with shopping, the more organic you go, the cheaper it gets. You’re not paying for chemical additives with money or your potential health. Side note: Hauling soil builds abs and picking weeds builds great upper arm muscle tone; save on the personal trainer too.

Exotic vegetables are cheaper to grow than buy.

If you’re a foodie, you know that exotic fruits and veggies are pricey, hard to find and sometimes not very fresh when you do find them. There are lots of choices of interesting foods in every growing zone. You can take on that kohlrabi ratatouille or fiddlehead salad. Bring on the purple tomatoes!

Gardening IS the cheaper option, but don’t be fooled, it can seem the opposite when you hit the local nursery in search of plants. With fresh savings in your pocket from not having to pay tax preparation fees, it could be easy to spend that savings on products you don’t need. Make sure to go with a list and buy only what’s on it. In no time, you will be banking that extra grocery money each week and your bank account will grow too.