Professional Audit Assistance

You’re Covered by Liberty Tax Professional Audit Specialists

DIY Tax Professional Audit  Assistance is FREE to All DIY Tax Customers
Get free Professional Audit Assistance from the tax  professionals at Liberty Tax Service when you file with DIY Tax. As the only  online tax company to offer this free service to its customers, DIY Tax  guarantees professional support throughout the entire process for those audited  by the IRS or their state. This is just one more way DIY Tax strives to make  filing easy, convenient and more affordable for all of its customers.

The DIY Professional Audit Support  Process

  • Simply choose DIY Tax to file your 2013 federal and/or state  tax return. Once your return is successfully filed (via efile or print &  mail) and accepted by the appropriate taxing agency, you are eligible to  receive DIY Tax's Professional Audit Assistance.
  • If the IRS or your State's Department of Revenue contacts you  for auditing purposes, contact DIY Tax through the Customer Support Link on  your account and a Liberty Tax audit specialist will be assigned to help you  through the process. Conditions apply; see Terms and Conditions for details.

Your Liberty Tax Service Professional  will:

  • Explain to you what you can expect during the audit of your 2013  individual tax return.
  • Review and discuss with you the notice from the IRS or State regarding  your 2013 tax return.

*Liberty Tax Service does not provide  legal representation. Audit services constitute tax advice only. Consult an  attorney for legal advice. Void where prohibited. To view complete terms and  conditions, click here.