File a Tax Extension Online for Free

The deadline for filing a tax extension is April 17, 2018.

Those that filed an extension before April 18th have until October 15, 2018 to complete and file a tax return in DIY Tax.

Please remember that if you haven't filed yet, you can still be charged tax liabilities, penalties, and interest.  These charges can increase the longer you wait to file. Avoid paying more! Sign into DIY Tax to file your tax return.

Tax Return Extension - FAQs

What is a tax return extension?
Filing an extension moves the deadline for turning your paperwork in to the IRS.

If I filed an extension, when do I pay the taxes that I owe?
An extension only moves the deadline for your federal tax forms to be filed, not your federal income tax payment due date. Filing an extension does not affect the deadline for your state tax return. You must still pay any estimated tax liability owed by April 17, 2018, or be subject to interest and penalties.

Where can I find out more information?
For additional inquiries, please send an e-mail to support@freetax.com.